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Bookslinger,My limited understanding is that if you are willing to pull a gun on someone then at that moment you need to have already decided that you are ready to kill them, and you will pull the trigger without hesitation.If you aren’t ready to kill the person then don’t bring a gun into the situation.My impression is that people are much more willing to brandish a weapon than they are to kill someone. Therein lies the problem. You need to be willing to kill someone before you pull the gun. I think lots of people end up getting their priorities backwards in such situations.


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Cecilia... acabas de

Cecilia... acabas de cerrar para mí un día redondo. Me encantan!!! y que quede entre nosotras el cuarto de baño es mi habitación favorita de la casa. Me encanta tomar ese baño relajante cuando el tiempo me lo permite (de horas...) con sales, luz de… Northern Governorate

Actually, it isn'

Actually, it isn't PowerPoint's fault. It is the idiot behind the keyboard. Before you give a presentation with PowerPoint, ask somebody to look at it! Use a white background, few sentences, use graphics and video. . .and keep it short. Northern Governorate

woytila88 scrive:28

woytila88 scrive:28 febbraio 2012 alle 19:23    Cmq Emma finora è stata trombata solo da Marchionne. E considerando tutto quello che ha detto e fatto, e che voi Paguri avete riportato, fa capire quanto siam messi male…. Northern Governorate

I have been reading

I have been reading a lot on here the topic Product Blog Post #1: | inspired me, i have picked up some really great ideas. Thanks and i hope to see more soon. Northern Governorate

Du får en "MAMMAMED

Du får en "MAMMAMEDALJ" av mig för att du gör ett utmärkt jobb med "lillskiten". Alla åldrar har sin charm eller vad man ska säga . Hoppas att du får en helt okey dag, morgondagen kan bli ännu bättre. tjing tjing från nitan Northern Governorate

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