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13-09-17 0 Hits rette ordet!Du kan nå finne skjønnhet i det meste min venn...så vakkert:))Hvordan går det med stuen...snart en hvit drøm tipper jeg...malerklem


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I am looking forward

I am looking forward to the updates. I really love Banshee. The only problem I seem to have is with my AAC files imported in recent versions of iTunes. Banshee does not pick up the tags and the files, therefore do not show up in my library. I… Northern Governorate

it’s really a

it’s really a surprise for me to know that Fuma and Nakaken will have another group…. how about B.I.S?? D:i also want Kaoru to be in here.. >o<but i hope they got plans about Kaoru soon.. xDbut really.. i prefer Yugo than Fuma.. i dunno… Northern Governorate

That bike is killer.

That bike is killer. I saw some of the china in a design mag recently -- looks promising. I'd love to know what you thought of the quality of the clothes--I've had mixed results in that area with these Target collaborations.p.s. noticed your… Northern Governorate

//do they pay tax?//

//do they pay tax?//ஆம்.//what else they need??//உயிர்.//68 killed last year in sea!!/யாரு? யாரை?//Countries protect their borders//சிங்கள எல்லையில் அவன் நிற்கிறான்.… Northern Governorate

Just an idea, …

Just an idea, …. since you Laura are ahead in time zone compared to almost everyone else, … and you organize it anyway, …. perhaps an early Sunday form letter email to make suggestions/questions about the med coming up later in the day. Northern Governorate

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