I've been writing YAF for over twenty years against a background of rumours that YAF had had its day. I don't believe any of it. A good story will find its way through. My worry is that when a particular genre becomes fashionable then many people jump on that bandwagon instead of following their own instincts. That means that that genre is then overwhelmed with stuff and then devalued. My 'crime' writing has never been fashionable so ...... it hasn't been a problem for me. Maybe one day...


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Surprising to think

Surprising to think of something like that Manama

This shows real expe

This shows real expertise. Thanks for the answer. Manama

Basta scaricarsi Bin

Basta scaricarsi Bind da ISC , e installarlo, dopodiche' non serve piu' il DNS del provider. Mi stupisce che nel 2006 ci sia ancora gente che usa i DNS del provider.Uriel Manama

Du skulle ha spurt m

Du skulle ha spurt meg!!! Denne sangen har jeg hatt liggende på spillisten min lenge:)Synes det er så rart at de ikke har begynt å spille den mer i Norge før nå.Sangen er bare fantatsisk! Hadde innlegg om det på bloggen 1 januar 2008!! Manama

Nici una din poze nu

Nici una din poze nu a fost prelucrata in nici un fel , toate sunt exact cum le-am facut…talentata, stiu )Doar sa stai pe mal?! Face tare bine si sa te balacesti Manama

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