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Wayne,I have learned

Wayne,I have learned a lot today reading your posturing and loyalty oaths to white jewish folks..I guess that is the edge sugar cane negroes from the islands distingush themselves for the master ..Yall be thos forgiving gentle noble negroes always making… Northern Governorate

Campeonato de pontos

Campeonato de pontos corridos se perde em cada jogo com um árbitro desses. Uma falta trocada aqui, outra sonegada lá, amorcega, intimida os castellanos, amarelos sem porquê e consequentes suspensões e por aí vai. Northern Governorate

That's really thinki

That's really thinking at an impressive level Northern Governorate

maybe it's no co

maybe it's no conspiracy or leftist political-correctnessit's just ugly to refer to human-beings in dehumanizing terms: overpopulation is one. we're all supposed to be individuals of unlimited capacity, remember? of unlimited moral worth,… Northern Governorate

Pro-life, from conce

Pro-life, from conception to birth. They pick up the game again towards the end of life, preventing people with terminal illnesses from a choice in dying on their own terms.In between, they are not so pro-life, but pro-control. Northern Governorate

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