Northern Governorate Lakiesha
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Real brain power on dispyal. Thanks for that answer!


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This video is done i

This video is done in the EXACT same style of “leelefever” on Common Craft videos except that in this video you say “in simple english”, and Common Craft say, “in plain english”. Would have been better if you did it… Northern Governorate

Ãœber Fliegzeugs wun

Über Fliegzeugs wundere ich mich bei uns in Berlin auch. Allerdings haben die Obstfliegen wohl endlich das Zeitliche gesegnet, aber Mücken finde ich täglich. Northern Governorate

Albo mÄ…czka kostna

Albo mÄ…czka kostna – szybka i prosta Verion, JeÅ›li JJay nie usunie „wejść trawy z zewnÄ…trz to nie bÄ™dzie miaÅ‚ żadnego problemu, trawa bÄ™dzie odrastać z zewnÄ…trz Northern Governorate

That zany whippersna

That zany whippersnapper Ashton Kutcher, the chick from those awesome new Star Wars prequels, and Casual F**k-buddies as a hot-button social topic. Welcome to 2003. Northern Governorate

I stuck with Windows

I stuck with Windows from DOS 2.2 through XP, then switched to Mac OS X about three years ago. Best move I ever made. I still use Win 7 in a virtual machine (Parallels) on the Mac; but only if I have to. As always, personal preference. But I bet… Northern Governorate

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