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I for one hope perfume doesn’t get buried in the dreadful artspeak Artforum-ish writing style that was always such a woeful blight on the art world. But there’s enough frivolity to go around here, so there’s probably nothing to worry about.


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Wah, maaf saya tidak

Wah, maaf saya tidak tahu….. Kalo dibilang IBU berarti bisa memberikan wejangan untuk bangkit. Biasanyakan ibu lebih wise kepada anaknya hee… *ngelesdikitah…., Salam kenal dari saya Manama

he was guilty. The

he was guilty. The reason I remember it is that I mentioned to Mrs D that they had overstepped the mark.I also thought Mr Jeffries wasn’t a good example to use this morning. He got legal redress – in other words there was a law already… Manama

jackpapy (2 comm

jackpapy (2 comments) dit : 19 mai 2012 à 2 h 16 minsalutpour moi sa ne fonctionne pas quand je fait sélectionner le fichier puis exécuter sa me dit sa#1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your… Manama

You can also do this

You can also do this recipe with bacon and bay leaf (while stewing), proceed the same as you have with the veg and finish off with sour cream.Your recipe reminded me that I have not cooked rabbit for toooooo long. Manama

Your work is absolut

Your work is absolutely gorgeous Anna maria!! You make me want to go purchase Alice Mae right now. Look forward to working alongside you over the next 6 months. Hugs and congrats!! Leah Manama

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