I just found it so disappointing after the shows in 08. This time it seemed lack lustre, but everone’s entitled to an off night. White Lies really didnt do it for me live, the albums not bad, but live nah, too studied, too “arch” !


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Kreisch!!!! Wie ober

Kreisch!!!! Wie oberhammergenial! Einfach umwerfend!Hätte ich die eher gesehen, hätte ich etwas weniger orangelastig backen können *g*Liebe Grüße,Eva Manama

STu,Re gold/deflatio

STu,Re gold/deflation:Normally yes, you are correct, but we are also facing a potential collpase of the US dollar along with a bifurcated gold market. paper gold at one price and availability and physical gold at a different price and availability.This… Manama

Loved your post. I h

Loved your post. I have finally found courage to book the tickets and go solo for my trip. Until now I’ve just been looking for reasons not to travel alone, reading your blog cleared out all the doubts I had in mind. I will be travelling for a month… Manama

Lasa vrajelile de de

Lasa vrajelile de de doi bani.Explica (biologic) de ce sunt normali.Doar spui ca nu sunt bolnavi, uite, pe aceeaÈ™i teorie (cea homo, fix pe ea) nici pedofili nu sunt bolnavi. Vezi in CanadaCare e procentul pentru un obicei oarecare la o populaÈ›ie pentru… Manama

Eric – I’

Eric – I’ve had so many single-cask bottlings that I know how wood can so often go wrong. The problem is rampant but you never know how a barrel’s going to be until you crack it open. After 29 years, a lot of things can go wrong, and… Manama

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