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in June! It was absolutely beautiful and I’ve already posted about Lavender Moon Cupcakery, Chateau Gateau, and Buzz Bakery. The market is on the small side in terms of produce and craft options, but I love


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Hi Cynthia! My frie

Hi Cynthia! My friend Jewls just “introduced” me to you and I love you already. Extremely groovy. You are one fun Chick. Nice to “meet” you. Keet Manama

I have just started

I have just started a new youtube channel its called zubnation it is abt one month old and i have 38 subscribers so far i would love to share my channel with all the wonderful people and beauty community on youtube. I would LOVE to have the opportunity to… Manama

Os factos meu caro s

Os factos meu caro sósia de mente minguada estão na sua cabeça, não neles. Os seus factos querem reinar sozinhos. E todo o seu discurso tem os laivos do fascio na máscara do vira-lata académico. E não esqueça que a estupidez vira crónica. Manama

Jun28BMag's Buddy

Jun28BMag's Buddy I don’t think acceptance inherently means dominance. I haven’t personally heard any left leaning political group say homosexuality is the dominant orientation. In fact, the Left’s talking points on this subject are… Manama


Faith Am I the only one who has read the… Manama

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