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If you're reading this, you're all set, panrred!


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the most valuable pa

the most valuable part to me would be the removable Contacts and Info section but I probably wouldnt end up removing it as it looks too convienient to not take everywhere with me! .. and how many times have I lost my pen in my bottemless-pit of a… Manama

Carl,Anyone who thin

Carl,Anyone who thinks there the only antisemitism is European, is just plain ignorant. Many Arab cartoons could be mistaken for world war 2 era Nazi propaganda if you just changed the Arabic to German. Manama

I love how I click t

I love how I click that link expecting to read something from a disgruntled customer and all I see is a skeptic pasting an excerpt from a blog entry and reading what HE WANTS into it.Pretty much you can interpret anything the way you wish to see it. Hell,… Manama

Et bien moi, au Fast

Et bien moi, au Fast-Food, c'est plutôt Wrap et Petite salade verte. J'aimerais bien trouver des frites mais grosses comme à la maison pas des toutes fines... et plein de spécialités commes les samosas ou autres que l'on peut grignoter à… Manama

I've been hearin

I've been hearing a lot of great buzz about this book lately. Must be for a reason! Love this post! Kudos to you for supporting your friend, Debra. And congrats to Kiersten on her release! I'll be adding this to my reading list. Looks like a… Manama

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