also.. call me a noob but i thought ‘local blackout rules’ meant if your internet connection went down u can’t sue nba.. haha. and here i was thinking “wow these guys can predict blackouts in advance?”so where does one find details about these conflicts? particularly one living in a (apparently) 3rd world country w/lamentable nba coverage? is there like a list somewhere?


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Sin is R’ Meir

Sin is R’ Meir term. Any chance that the Gov’t requirement for alimony can in some way “supplement” semichas daas?And you are of course right on the earlier Kesubah post – thanks for the article link. Manama

The boat seems like

The boat seems like a cop out. As if God only concerns Himself with the big picture. God is love and love is almost always about the little picture. Manama

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heyyyyyyy l’ami !Je viens à la pêche aux nouvelles ! . Bon je peux passer à Angouleme ? lol quand tu veux T’inquiète pas je ne ferai pas comme chez moi … J’espère que j’ai noyer le poisson…Yeah quand tu veux Manama

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