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eeJeff,Let me answer that the emphasis on prayer, fasting, and almsgiving is normative for Orthodox Christians. The best way to find out is to ask the local Orthodox priest.Robert


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emmm…sy dpt f6

emmm…sy dpt f6 sc…tpi owg kta ssh sgt…sy pnah bca kt 1 blog ne..dye kte silibus f6 sc lbih ssh dri kt matrik… ckgu nasihatkan kteowg klo dpt rayuan matrik ke..dpt upu ke… jan amik f6 sc…tlalu ssh kta nyer.. Manama

He Frieke,Jammer van

He Frieke,Jammer van die peper. Ik zou er zelf nooit aan gedacht hebben om kookroom te gebruiken. Ben benieuwd hoe dat uitpakt. Heb jij daar al eerder ervaring mee opgedaan?Van Maaike op 08.10.08 10:40 am Manama

We have that problem

We have that problem here for Thanksgiving (which I assume you do too). I used to live in Taiwan, so I totally get what you are saying. I’m glad you get to have your whole family with you this Christmas. Manama

Question for Kevin,

Question for Kevin, or anyone else who can answer it?Kevin you mention transcoding the Dslr video file to Apple Pro Res 422, but what if you’re using Premiere and it doesn’t have that option using Mpeg Streamclip. What other file is best to… Manama

Loving the new cover

Loving the new cover. Pictures can really say a million words. Talking about words, how long is All In. I really loved part 1, however just wanted more and more and more . Really can’t wait. Manama

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