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it would be your own fault for not telling them you aredaly had 2 out. if you are going to a different place each time, I doubt that they care how many you aredaly have, so long as you can pay their back


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That sounds pretty e

That sounds pretty excruciating. PS The only hot and exciting nerds that exist are the ones on TV. Most real life doctors are, albeit lovable, big nerds, trust me, I married one.Stopping by from Mama Kat’s. Manama

Danke fuer den tip m

Danke fuer den tip mit deinem Stativ :) ich bekomme von meinem Bruder eins zu Weihnachten, deswegen lasse ich mich komplett überraschen :) Eine Lightbox ist schon cool! :) wobei ich aber immerhin Probleme mit der Belichtung habe.. Manama

something that indic

something that indicated I don’t believe in the Constitution?The same kind of responses you currently get, because we already know you don’t believe in the Constitution.You believe in some kind of leftist fairy tale that you CALL the… Manama

I nearly died laughi

I nearly died laughing. WHY would you write this, knowing I could die after my sides split? *rolls down stairs laughing* you are most hilariously entertaining >.< Manama

I wish you didn̵

I wish you didn’t understand, too, I truly wish no one had to go through this type of thing. Thank you for being a part of the solution, even if the problem wasn’t of our creation Manama

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