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Buongiorno a partenopeo a nuvola rossa a mauri ed a magikone. ….. sono in attesa di giovedì per vedere in europa che combina la seconda linea.partenopeo….il bello é che aldilà della qualità …. mesto ed elkaddouri sono pure fuori forma…abbiamo donadel walking dead che si deve portare a fatima e vargas…. che ancora non boccio ma che continua ad essere una crisalide


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El cúlmen del cinis

El cúlmen del cinismo en vivo y a todo color… los lobos disfrazados de ovejas se dan baños de pureza. Por fortuna contamos con gente comprometida y con consciencia ética en algunos medios. Desde luego que habrá más de 700 firmas. Todos a… Northern Governorate

very well said…

very well said…YOU are the very definition of how you see fashion. its an expression of who you are and how you feel about yourself and life in general.Yahweh blessVA:F please wait... Northern Governorate

Hej søde du - nej d

Hej søde du - nej da tag ikke bort kommentarfeltet - sÃ¥ kan vi jo ikke sende dig vores søde ord;o)Og ikke noget med dÃ¥rlig samvittighed - vi har alle travle stunder - og det er jo ikke meningen at du skal have dÃ¥rlig samvittighed over det du ikke… Northern Governorate

I was coming home fo

I was coming home for a gig at around midnight on Fri.night/Sat. morning and saw you guys in San Jose cruising down Saratoga Ave. I was wondering what the heck was going on as looked like a lot of fun. Looked like hundreds of bikers- awesome! Northern Governorate

I was seriously at D

I was seriously at DefCon 5 until I saw this post. Northern Governorate

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