This is why I don't watch TV, I'm probably on this computer when this show is on and I was hoping to see this show…Oh well. Thanks for reminding me and for stopping by. I'm off to browse your blog…come dazzle me!


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The hard left are no

The hard left are not zombies. vampires, werewolves, transsexual accountants suffering from overbite and halitosis…..perhaps. But calling them zombies just insults zombies everywhere. Northern Governorate

Caro 'Portojo

Caro 'Portojo'e companhia...Este renascer das 'tertúlias' parece-me muito salutar. É que já vai sendo tempo de se reencontrar uma nova forma de trocar impressões 'ao vivo', depois de as novas tecnologias, por serem novas, terem… Northern Governorate


सेना के बारे में प्रचलित पूर्वाग्रहों के पीछे से झांकती… Northern Governorate

I have some question

I have some questions – You know how sometimes you can log in with discuss to leava a comment is this good for seo? Also have a merry seo Christmas all. Sam from Sydney Australia Northern Governorate

Sure I’ll chec

Sure I’ll check it out. Thanks man! The album (and many Maiden songs too) has religious themes so I’m curious what he had to say. I’m sure something like For the Greater Good of God stirred some teacups too. Northern Governorate

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