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who was it? I have to know...and once I posted a pic of Brooke's shitty diaper, but it was in jest, like a ha! made you look! you know, because I'm kind of a bitch that way


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The best thing that

The best thing that can happen for Lewis as well as Giants fans is that 3 minutes after the last out is made October 4, is that the Giants announce the firing of Bochy and their intent to not exercise the option on Sabeans contract. Northern Governorate

I don’t think

I don’t think juice fasts do a thing. It’s full of calories and nutrients, your body still has to digest and metabolize it. It’s a diet lacking fiber, which we know is a digestive system cleanser. Why would cutting out fiber be… Northern Governorate

What a lovely colour

What a lovely colour co-ordinated picture! And hear you totally about your getting shopping done in Chennai inspite of whirlwind trips. I move to Bangalore 15 yrs ago, and I still do a lot of my shopping when I go to Mumbai. Not exactly mothercare, but… Northern Governorate

This is a great remi

This is a great reminder for me. I tend to get anxious about oh no I've got to keep up with the latest info or else; it's a great reminder for me to just let it go and take care of myself, as well as for me to watch out for my daughter, who is… Northern Governorate

Hi Deb,Thank you for

Hi Deb,Thank you for your interest. I’d suggest that you contact Ms. Knight on your own as she loves to converse with her fans. I’m sure that she’d be happy to send you an electronic review copy of Relic Defender: Key of Solomon.Thanks… Northern Governorate

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