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Acknowledgement is definitely key. You really can’t predict the future, but as long as you accept and apologize for not keeping your word. People are forgiving.


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, when I nurse in pu

, when I nurse in public, nobody sees my breast (I bet it helps I'm an A cup lol!). :) Kudos to all breastfeeding, Jesus loving, back to nature mamas!Greetings from Manama

Never would have thu

Never would have thunk I would find this so indispensable. Manama

Das mit HootSuite we

Das mit HootSuite werde ich mir dann mal näher anschauen. Das kann nur ein vorübergehender Fehler sein. Mein Feedreader hat Deine neue Adresse ja auch anstandslos übernommen.Ãœber DT_BlogPoster schicke ich Dir eine Mail an die Blog-Adresse.Viele… Manama

I am so surprised th

I am so surprised that Kobe is not on the list; you’re hate for the LA Lakers and Mr. Bryant are so well-known. I’m almost disappointed that this post didn’t give me a chance to hate on your stupid WP even more than I already do. Manama

Maurício Christovã

Maurício Christovão disse:Suely:Jogue fora seu “familhão” e compre outro. Num tem jeito não.A garantia deles é de três chuvas ou cinco quilômetros, o que ocorrer primeiro… Manama

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