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Ariane, esse topico é antigo mais me ajudou muito,eu fiz tudo como manda o figurino, vem cá tem como eu colocar as divisoes dos menus de um lado e do outro, sem que as linhas do meio fiquem como se estivessem em negrito?exe(sem a barrinha): Home | Orkut | Contato | exe(com a barrinha): |Home||Orkut||Contato|Onde tem duas linhas significa que está em negrito, então tem como colocar as barrinhas dos dois lados, sem que fiquem mais fortes as barras do meio?exe(do que to falando):| HOME | ORKUT | CONTATO |agradecido


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Yes, so true! And n

Yes, so true! And n the end you'll be happier that you stuck to your guns instead of having 12 unfinished projects that you abandoned after finding something "cooler"! Manama

figurines also as sc

figurines also as sculptures enhancing their impressive Gothic fa?ade. Since the next greatest cathedral on earth, that one cannot be have missed, actually. By means of Samsung monte Napoleone : Whenever you have marvelled with Milan’s huge together… Manama

Hey! I'm a follo

Hey! I'm a follower (for quite some time now..) I like your blog just the way it is, very versatile posts ;). So yup, enter me please. My email is Manama

Papá Escéptico: Me

Papá Escéptico: Me acabo de dar cuenta.. fíjate, dice daniel arriba: “es tu problema con dios” ja ja ja… o sea que no hay problema… ja ja ja. No crees que el hecho de que no se acabo el mundo ellos lo deberian de tomar como… Manama

Oh, my god like usua

Oh, my god like usual it’s so gorgeous, it looks exactly like my country place, I need to win that frame so much, Quebec looks like this in winter time. You make my day every day Michelle Manama

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