I will support anything that can compete cost-wise with oil, without lavish government subsidies. But do you realize how much of our nation’s acreage would be needed just to power one of our major cities?!? Its not exactly feasible.And before anybody starts ranting about tax breaks for oil companies, first do a little research and realize that those same breaks are available to ALL companies, not just oil.The market is the only mechanism that can determine the most effective use of our world’s scarce resources. Period.


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will actually ever c

will actually ever compete in the Olympics). I have more about following those interests in my post “Raising an Elite Athlete.” One of the links in that post is particularly relevant to a lot of parents’ worries about Manama

The GOP elected a li

The GOP elected a liar in Florida. The GOP has elected a liar in Texas, The GOP has elected a lair in Wisconsin and Ohio. Shoot, why not keep electing politicians who will happily lie to you? It's not like the GOP deserves any better. America deserves… Manama

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Heh, to wychodzi w sumie, że na bakier z matematykÄ… jestem ja, bo spiÄ…Å‚em razem te ich dwie dane o nakÅ‚adach polsko – zagranicznych.teraz gdy te ostatnie pare komiksów wyszÅ‚o w 200 egzemplarzach jest jeszcze inaczej.Sam Timof nie omieszkaÅ‚ w… Manama

Hi Donna, the requir

Hi Donna, the requirement to register a PAYE scheme has not changed because of RTI, so if you do not currently have a scheme then there is no requirement to submit information under RTI.However, if you do need to register a scheme then all payments made… Manama

Wanted to drop a com

Wanted to drop a comment and let you know your Feed isnt working today. I tried adding it to my Yahoo reader account but got nothing. Manama

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