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It’s not enough just to think up with a good idea these days. You need to put serious work in to plan the idea accordingly and making certain all of the plan is understood.


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Wanted to drop a com

Wanted to drop a comment and let you know your Feed isnt working today. I tried adding it to my Yahoo reader account but got nothing. Manama

There is no chance o

There is no chance of China invading the US because of debt. First of all, we will pay them the amount owed even if we have to run the presses.... (This, admittedly, is a problem)Secondly, even if that wasn't the case, the PLAN is in no wise a blue… Manama

Jos ihmisten tärkei

Jos ihmisten tärkeiden asioiden listalla on perhearvot, eli hedelmöityshoitojen, homoavioliittojen ja aviottomien lasten oikeuksien vastustaminen, voinevat he tehdä tästä jollain tavalla oikeutettua. Hehän vain vastustivat pahaa. Vastustivat… Manama

So I went with 800px

So I went with 800px, 800px, 500px, and 225px, because the dimensions listed above felt a little bit stretched. Either way, it's a lot better.I left the font size the same. This size just feels more normal, but I admittedly like the text smaller.Long… Manama

"Om punkten ska

"Om punkten ska tolkas sÃ¥ att det det med "människors kommunikation" inte avses kommunikation mellan människor som är soldater eller terrorister eller som sysslar med allvarliga yttre hot mot Sverige, dÃ¥ är vi ju ocksÃ¥… Manama

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