Næææh – det fine, blÃ¥ tæppe ville passe lige til min lille 1-Ã¥riges værelse, hvor Onkel Peter har været sÃ¥ venlig at male de gamle træmøbler petroleumsblÃ¥! Dét ville jeg rigtig gerne vinde!


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coons. I have heard

coons. I have heard many different racial slurs growing up but the word coon was never one of them. Our age generation wouldn’t think to use that word. Manama

Et question, tu util

Et question, tu utilise quoi comme mascara pour cette vidéo?? Parce que je sais pas si c’est moi mais j’ai l’impression que tu as des cils wahou!! Manama

One other thing, I j

One other thing, I just noticed that the lightbox function does not work once I place the code in the description! Instead, when you click on the thumb, it opens the enlarged image in the same window and the user is left to hit the back button to get to… Manama

آقای ÙÂ

آقای قدیانی نمی دانم چه بگویم، احساس غیر قابل وصفی دارم.شما فوق العاده… Manama

Susan BlairHi Jim,I

Susan BlairHi Jim,I enjoyed this article. I have read many book about copy writing, but this is the first time I have seen it explained this way. Makes sense! Does this also work when writing articles on travel, products etc. Should I read everything… Manama

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