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This comment is hidden to you.You are no doubt scurrying around with last minute launch details but I wanted to let you know I am sitting here clicking my email “get message” button to make sure I get the first release of the live link for the software site. Good luck with the gremlins!Ben  •    •  This comment is hidden to all users except to its author!


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My favorite crime/my

My favorite crime/mystery books so far this year:The Glass Rainbow-James Lee BurkeIf the Dead Rise Not-Philip KerrThe Spies of the Balkans-Alan FurstWake Up Dead-Roger SmithThe Wolves of Fairmount Park-Dennis TafoyaTruth-Peter TempleThe Last Fix-K.O.… Manama

Tengo mis reservas a

Tengo mis reservas acerca de la noticia.Puedo asegurar rotundamente que no existen niños que suden. Me respaldan muchos años de investigación.Y sobre todo, en lo concerniente al garbanzo (como mito), afirmo que nos han tenido muy engañados/as durante… Manama

Ugh, no luck with in

Ugh, no luck with ingrediants this week I guess. How do you think it would turn out with raw cashews? I’ve only seen the salted roasted cashews or the raw one. Manama

Not tried Dim T, app

Not tried Dim T, appreciate the recomendation and will give it a go. One query though, "excellent cocktails" at Ping Pong? Don't know many who are with you on that. "Very sweet and lacking in alcohol cocktails" in Ping Pong would be my take. Manama

another great place

another great place for brunch in that area is the 'food for thought' at botanics. gorgeous location, and imo the prices are a lot more reasonable than hatched for brunch.... was pretty disappointed with hatched the last time i went actually! Manama

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