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What a pleasure to find someone who thinks through the issues


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Smart Growth groups

Smart Growth groups have sounded the alarm ……===============================================They always sound the alarm, that is all they do.News would be if there ever occured a project that smart growth concurred with and did NOT sound the… Manama

I for one hope perfu

I for one hope perfume doesn’t get buried in the dreadful artspeak Artforum-ish writing style that was always such a woeful blight on the art world. But there’s enough frivolity to go around here, so there’s probably nothing to worry… Manama

I wish you all the h

I wish you all the health in the world and to get better asap. By the way, I’m really amazed by your son. He is only 12 years old and he plans on paragliding. That’s impressive and I wish for his dream to come true! Happy birthday to him! Manama

Not tried Dim T, app

Not tried Dim T, appreciate the recomendation and will give it a go. One query though, "excellent cocktails" at Ping Pong? Don't know many who are with you on that. "Very sweet and lacking in alcohol cocktails" in Ping Pong would be my take. Manama

I admire you for you

I admire you for your NILMDTS work. It takes a special kind of person to be able to share their talent in this way. I’ve helped Jeweleeboo proof some sessions and I can’t do it without tears. I can’t even imagine how much these images… Manama

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