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1) Mesmo pretodimenco. Só o que muda (obviamente) são os arquivos de instalação: ROM CM9 e GAPPS específica para CM9.2) Só fazer os wipes e seguir o procedimento de instalação normal do CM7


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Again, a cool commen

Again, a cool comment, Great stuff. I wanted to say I just looked more than other entries on here and I you’ve got a couple of nice content material. Cheers. Manama

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Пати, Ñ

Пати, я думаю ремень они Вам не вышлют… на могут предложить компенсацию… Manama

I thought that these

I thought that these bags, being tailored to the SmartScoop receptacle, would stay on well but they really don’t. They often slip a bit allowing litter to fall into the receptacle. However, they are long enough to cover the receptacle, which many… Manama

This lady has "

This lady has "it" in spades. You can tell she is a scientist, her outfits have symetry and balance. And of course, is that not a mustang I see parked in her garage? She must look great tooling around in it. Manama

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