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One thing that worries me is that our team is becoming weak physically. In the past we had Ballack, Makalele, Geremi, and Lassana to strengthen the midfield. Let’s look a the players we bought: Marin, Hazard, Oscar, and De Bruyne. None of these players can even match Kalou’s strength. I hope we buy some muscle for the team. I would really like to see Alex Song in Chelsea. He has killer passes too, as Van Persie took advantage of them. He is the best defending midfielder in the EPL and one of the top in the position in the world.Reply


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I had the most amazi

I had the most amazing wontons last St. Patrick's Day. I know, it's weird. St. Patty's is supposed to be about Irish food but somebody brought wontons and I'm glad she did. Your spicy sauce must make these extra special. Manama


Anônimodisse...:Agora por favor me responda de novo,como dou Force Update no Mineshafter_proxy?Quando eu clico no Mineshafter entra la no começo(colocar login e senha) e carrega até uma certa parte,e o resto não carrega!!!Mas obrigado!Preciso baixar o… Manama

That's a cunning ans

That's a cunning answer to a challenging question Manama

Phew, I was glad to

Phew, I was glad to hear that you’ve been away for trip, Joanna. Talking about the inner gremlin, I always have conversation with him (Or her) all the time, especially when I having writing block… Sometimes, we’re argued and have a… Manama

That's an apt answer

That's an apt answer to an interesting question Manama

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