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Hearst also kept Krazy Kat in his papers long after demand for it waned. The public never quite GOT it, but Hearst LOVED it. Of course, the concept of a publisher having an opinion about the comics they run is laughable today.....that is, if tearfully, bloodily sluicing off the palm of your hand with a carrot peeler at three in the morning, every morning, is a form of laughter....


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jackpapy (2 comm

jackpapy (2 comments) dit : 19 mai 2012 à 2 h 16 minsalutpour moi sa ne fonctionne pas quand je fait sélectionner le fichier puis exécuter sa me dit sa#1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your… Manama

If only there were m

If only there were more clever people like you! Manama

Oh, my god like usua

Oh, my god like usual it’s so gorgeous, it looks exactly like my country place, I need to win that frame so much, Quebec looks like this in winter time. You make my day every day Michelle Manama

You must be extremel

You must be extremely resourceful to build a blog which is based only on mailboxes…keep it up…hope you always get the ugliest one!Pushkar’s last blog post.. Manama

ya anon 10.21,,, sem

ya anon 10.21,,, sememangnya untuk menjadi seorang Islam sejati tidak perlukan PAS ataupun UMNO...tapi perlu ikhlas utk diri sendiri.. utk meneriman agama Allah yg mulia ni.. Islam adalah utk semua... utk org yg benar2 ikhlas kerana Allah.. tak perlu utk… Manama

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