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Declan, the followin

Declan, the following is from Pete Dexter's review of Jim Harrison's new novel, The Great Leader, in today's NY Times Book Review: Entertaining the brain "is one of the two possible reasons to write, or for that matter read. To enlighten… Manama

Wise Guy February 10

Wise Guy February 10, 2011 00:20Linking to LoHud? What’s next? Referencing RAB as someone’s “opinion” when writing a post? Thank god Fat Pete isn’t there anymore. 1  3 Manama

coons. I have heard

coons. I have heard many different racial slurs growing up but the word coon was never one of them. Our age generation wouldn’t think to use that word. Manama

Ah, on a la même vi

Ah, on a la même vie, à ce que je vois! ;-) Petite variante, ce matin, j'ai eu le droit de traîner au lit, Jules a géré les enfants, tout le monde était prêt à 8h, le scoop. Et là, Jules vient boire son café avec moi, papoter, à 8h28 je lui… Manama

Eytan is a wicked sm

Eytan is a wicked smart guy. So I’m not surprised that he managed to write something so totally on-pitch about Vivian. It got me thinking about beginnings, too. Vivian was hired at IFTF about a week Manama

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