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Which came first, th

Which came first, the problem or the soniluot? Luckily it doesn't matter. http://yikazzl.com xctkusui xwiwupvuj Manama

I also hope it conti

I also hope it continues. I’m so amazed and happy that there’s been a public discussion about feminism (and sexism and misogyny) all year. I wrote a post in January saying that if you’d told me over Christmas lunch that the first few… Manama

Totally teary eyed h

Totally teary eyed here. I’m not sure if you’ve mention it – because I have Swiss cheese brain- but for how long?! How far?? Visits??I’m so sorry. I know how hard it is to do it on your own. Big, big hugs and fingers crossed that… Manama

Thanks for this wond

Thanks for this wonderful and timely post! I've linked it to my Pinterest Christmas board. Oh, can Pinterest be a source of unhappy comparisons! So what better place to be reminded of your wonderful words of wisdom.I'll be practicing… Manama

some things we can d

some things we can do to change this country and get it back on the right track: 1. vote for Republicans or Democrats.Vote third />2. fly unless you have to. If a enough people stop flying for a couple years, the airlines would lose a lot of money, and I… Manama

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