So you wanna tell me that u can afford an own living without being able to speak proper english? Dream on, retard. And your GF is ugly, just like you, and you know it, ‘coz otherwise you wouldn’t troll around on the internet, loser.


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Oh hells yeah!!!! Le

Oh hells yeah!!!! Let’s take Avitaween 2012 to them! Hee hee! I have a vision of this confused family opening their door to a couple of Stormtroopers and a killer circus clown. Manama

ñ gostei.trés estr

ñ gostei.trés estrelas de hollywood e faz um filme desse.o filme e longo fala fala meis ñ se tende nada.só fica bom nos ultimos 10 audio 10 Manama

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Eugene and Max were

Eugene and Max were … Eugene and Max were really helpful. They cleaned up a mess another real estate agent had started and messed up. I did get out of both my mortgages and and now breathe again. Was this answer helpful? Manama

I found 10 of these

I found 10 of these to which I currently subscribe. Of those 10, 4 seem to provide videos with any regularity. I think YouTube corporate hasn't a clue as to what "community" is all about in the hearts of many including myself.If anything… Manama

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